The Red Alliance
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November 24, 2014, 11:21:20 AM

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The Red Alliance

21 Sep 2014 - Pennsylvania Trooper Shooting

Red Alliance would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the friends and loved ones of the troopers who were shot in Pennsylvania, and to all the residents in PA currently under curfew.
For over 10 years, Red Alliance has been a fun, friendly, apolitical place devoted solely to safe and responsible Airsofting with an Eastern-Bloc flair and associated military history, with thousands of members from many walks of life and from all over the globe.
We hope the perpetrator of this terrible crime will be swiftly apprehended and justice will be served.

02 Aug 2014 - Red Alliance at War & Peace Revival 2014

Like in the previous years we again deployed to the War & Peace show, which since last year has been renamed the  War & Peace Revival , at a new location near Folkestone..

We again have a small video of an arena battle.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Watch on youtube at 1080p for maximum quality!

We would like to thank the many Red Alliance visitors who visited our camp!

18 Apr 2014 - Apologies!

I've dropped the ball lately on answering my PMs. If you've written me, I've responded and taken appropriate action. Sorry for any inconvenience Smiley

13 Jul 2012 - Red Alliance at War & Peace Show 2012

This year we again deployed successfully at the  2012 War & Peace Show in sunny sunny England.
We have a video available of our arena battle which we performed 2 days this year.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Watch on youtube at 1080p for maximum quality!

03 Mar 2012 - Official Red Alliance patches available!

Help support the community.. purchase Red-Alliance patches for your uniform!
Available in both regular and subdued colors.
Highest quality embroidery, and only $6.00 each ($5.00 each if ordering 5 or more!)
Free shipping anywhere on earth.
Send a PM to Jaguar to get some today!

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