The Red Alliance
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The Red Alliance

08 May 2011 - Welcome to Spetznaz Gruppa VI from Canada!

Check them out here:

Glad to have them aboard!

01 May 2011 - Welcome Team Karakurt from St. Petersburg, Russia!

You can view their page here:

Welcome to the Red Alliance!  Cheers

03 Feb 2011 - Welcome Team M.i.R. (Made in Russia) from Chicago

We are Team M.i.R. (Made in Russia) based out of Chicago north suburbs.  We are probably the only adult, reall ALL Russian (born and raised) team in Illinois/Wisconsin area if not whole Midwest.  We account for 15 members and growing (Some real military service time in Russian and US militaries).  Established in 2009, we ve made name for ourselves in Midwest airsoft community.

Our website is   It is forum based only at this moment ( pretty busy forum) since the main site is being finishing  up re designing.  Should be fully up soon and will be excellent.

our Youtube channel is

and we are on acti

26 Jan 2011 - Welcome ODAN Airsoft from France

Our association name is ''ODAN Airsoft''

We are a quite famous team of Paris area :

- the team was created in 1998
- in 2006 we decided to use Russian Gear exclusively
- we are 14 members, and we organize Sunday games twice a month, with 30-50 players
- we are going to join ''FedeGN'', the French National Airsoft Federation

our forum :

our Youtube channel :

we are also in charge of Airsoft IDF, the Airsoft Forum of Paris area :

22 Jan 2011 - New Team: GRU ASC from Italy!

You can find them here!
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