The Red Alliance
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The Red Alliance

07 Jun 2006 - New Team: Urugan from Finland!

Check them out!  Nice gear.

14 May 2006 - subdued patch picture

Incase anyone wanted to see what they look like:

08 Apr 2006 - New teams!

COMRADE'S AIRSOFT from Toronto! (under construction)

ZVEZDA from Moscow!

NEVSKY REKSES from St. Petersburg!

LISICA from Sweden!

23 Jan 2006 - Shrink your damn Avatars!

Our forum is set up to automatically resize images down to 150 px maximum.  This is so you don't have to fiddle around too much with resizing your images exactly, then uploading them someplace to link to them, etc.
This is to make your life easier.

However, we've noticed some people are linking to MASSIVE images.  This is one of the reasons why the forum is running so slow.
Please shrink them down to at most 300px, ideally 150px.
If the problem persists we will simply put a lock on images at 150px, and everybody  who isn't at that size or smaller will see a big red x where their avatar should be.


09 Jan 2006 - New Team: The Red Star Brigade

please welcome our newest team, the Red Star Brigade from the USA!
They are currently hard at work on their homepage.
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