The Red Alliance
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The Red Alliance

03 Jan 2006 - Poor site performance

Appologies all if you notice the site running poorly lately (slow, etc.)
We are experiencing especially high bandwidth usage last month and the server has had to put the reigns on Smiley
It is being dealt with.

26 Dec 2005 - Welcome a new team, NEVA from Finland!

welcome to the red-alliance!

27 Oct 2005 -

guess what, now its ours and leads right here!

It was registered to someone in korea, just grabbed it


27 Aug 2005 - Website updates

You should have all recieved this as an email a few minutes ago, but just in case:

Just letting you know, the website is being updated this weekend, and starting at around midnight Saturday, you may have problems connecting to the site or experience slow performance over the next few days.  We are switching to new software so there are quite a few things that need to be set-up.

This is temporary, please bear with us.

If you have written to us over the past couple of months about having your team featured, thank you for your patience.  You will be up there with the currently listed teams when the repairs are done.
Recently submitted articles may take a little longer, as they have to be formatted,

22 May 2005 - New Article, 2 new teams, say goodbye to the Red Eagles...

Check out MadMatt's article on Kamysh BDU -- very thorough!

VSN and the Gray wolves have joined up!

Unfortunately, the Red Eagles have disbanded... best of luck to em in the future.
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