The Red Alliance
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The Red Alliance

09 Oct 2004 - The final word on patch payment

Here is were it stands:

Airmail letter-- free world-wide
Global Priority Parcel (trackable) add $6.00

US: Check, Money order or paypal*
INTERNATIONAL: International Money order in USD, or paypal*

*Paypal is fine (and free) if you have a bank account or money on your paypal account.  
Credit card payment will be accepted via paypal but you must pay an additional cost (2-3 dollars) per order

everybody will be contacted by PM when the patches arrive, and given the  their total and the paypal address.

People paying by check or money orders can send them now(

06 Oct 2004 - National Flags

everybody can now show their national flag by their name using the profile view.   And Please do!

04 Oct 2004 - 100 MEMBERS!

приветствия, товарищи!

03 Oct 2004 - Discount at!

Dianna from RedSoldier has informed me that all this week, red-alliance members will recieve a 15% discount on their sleeveless striped telnyashka shirts!

Make sure you use the above link to get to it!



these will be here in a little over a week.

Dimensions are 3x3, embroidered. The cost is $6.00 each, and $5.00 for 5 or more.

Check the thread in Arms Deals to see how many are left. You can pm me to reserve yours.

Please title your PM:

WTB PATCH XX <-------------- where x is how many you want
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