The Red Alliance
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The Red Alliance

27 Sep 2004 - articles!

We'll be opening an articles section on the main page soon, and are now accepting submissions.
Anything from tactics to detailed reviews (with pictures), to illustrated articles on how you built your custom projects, whatever you can think of that would benefit our community and airsoft as a whole.  
Email or PM them in!

23 Sep 2004 - UPDATED: gallery

New Gallery Instructions...

1. Register (you can use your forum id and pass, but you have to register)

2. Login, and click on the appropriate album (comrades, etc.)

3. Create a new album by selecting "nested album" from the pull down menu in the upper right corner of the page.

4.  Name your album, add a description, etc using the same pull down menu.

5.  IMPORTANT:  On the main gallery page showing your album, you will see a small white pull-down box beneath its title.  Use it to select "permissions", and edit these as you like.


23 Sep 2004 - account problems update

alot of our russian comrades have been having troubles activating their accounts.  I believe I have solved the problem and they should now all be activated.  I just sent everyone an email about this, if you were unable to recieve it hopefully you can read this.

23 Sep 2004 - spread the word!

as you know, the strength of a forum is in its members; the more members, the stronger it can potentially be.

Its going to be a few weeks until my search engine submission of this site takes effect and people will be able to wander in from google, etc.

in the mean time, its strictly word of mouth.   ive been posting about this site to as many airsoft boards as i come across and writing other admins.  If you havent already (and many of you have), you guys can help by mentioning it on the airsoft forums you visit!

It would help everybody out alot.

And feel free to use this:


I'd like to announce our newest team, from denmark, the Axis of Evil.

Welcome to the red alliance!
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